Friday, June 26, 2015


At last our deserved rest came. Now we can have the time to dedicate it to our beloved ones and ourselves.

I don´t know about you or the activities you are going to do during this period, but personally I can  summarize it in two important things I always love doing during my summers. On the one hand, I am  going to travel a lot, and on the other hand I want to unwind myself by reading many books which will take me to imaginary worlds, so what else can I ask to feel I am in Heaven!

                        Enjoy your summer holidays too!

Sunday, June 21, 2015


 To end up this course some classes have been reviewing things they have been learning during the school year through games.

In 1º ESO A they enjoyed, not only designing their own games about London but playing with them!

And in 2 ESO B,  they were also learning while playing with questions and asnwers from the book All About Britain which they have already read this year.

No doubt all of them loved these classes thoroughly as you could see.

Thursday, June 11, 2015


Last week we were telling goodbye to Madeline, our Language Assistant this year.
As a nice gesture of their kindness, 1º ESO A students thanked her with a lovely dance of the song "Moving " by Macaco.They also draw things on their blackboard, designed cards from Málaga and wrote her many sweet little messages in Spanish or English, so she could remember them for life.
And these were her words as an answer to our blog:
My name is Madeline and I've spent the last year working as a language assistant in IES Portada Alta. Spanish high school is very different from my experience growing up in Cleveland, Ohio, and I didn't expect all the laughs, occasional "enfados", and tons of learning during the year.
 I first met the 1A class in November when I spoke to them about Thanksgiving with their teacher of English. They were shy and nervous, and could barely pronounce "pumpkin pie". By the end of the year I had begun regular Math classes with them, and as we gained trust, they began to speak more English. The students laughed at my Spanish mistakes and we joked about their English pronunciation; they were competitive when we played games and patient when I didn't remember algebra. 
Now at the end of the school year, it's hard to believe these are the same shy students I first met; kids who once wouldn't say "hello, how are you?" now write "what's up?!" on Instagram.
 I'm sad to leave Portada Alta, but I'm so impressed with what the students have achieved and I know they will continue to improve with their teachers and next language assistant.

Saturday, June 6, 2015


School is almost over... We've been working hard and now we need to relax for our final tests!

Watch this short film called " Just breath!" by Julie Bayer Salzma and Josh Salzman who  feature a bunch of kids sharing their thoughts on what it feels like to be stressed inside yourself.

Follow their advices before your exams, meanwhile you are in your classes or at home. Choose the right  moment to feel yourself calm, take some deep breaths and refocus again. Your brain will be thankful!