Friday, May 13, 2011


Last Thursday 12th our CEP  in Málaga  organized THE FIRST PROVINCIAL CONVENTION OF EDUCATIVE BLOGS and the  usage of these new technologies in the classroom.
It was  at  Barceló  Hotel and  in there several  teachers  presented their blogs in  morning and evening  sessions.

To me, and I am sure to many other teachers, assisting to this event was an incredible experience whose main purpose is the use of blogs as another teaching  resource in its different aspects, both as an excellent way to amplify our learning by real context, and in its training cooperative function. That is why  educative blogs are becoming a means for teachers, students and education administrators to interact more effectively than ever before and new technologies should become a new subject in our classrooms.

Are you good at using computers?

And what about doing it in English?

With this song you will have no problem. You will only have to memorise a lot of vocabulary about technology. Then copy and translate into Spanish  all the expressions in your notebooks.

Finally I recomend you to learn some of the internet symbols you need  too.
After some tries with this song you will have the opportunity to show your classmates how good your memory is.
Enjoy it!


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