Saturday, February 23, 2013


Think of some good tasks you can design yourselves to show me you are all reading  your graded books this term:
  • Culture Shock (1º Bachillerato)
  • Frankenstein (4º ESO)
  • Jane Eyre (3º ESO)

 Some ideas :
- Copy all the new words and list them alphabetically.
- Write questions from the chapters.
- Learn  or read aloud some passages by heart with a good pronuntiation.
- Identify sentences and who said them.
- Complete information about the main characters.
- Create  puzzles /  games  with the vocabulary lists learnt.
- A Multiple Choice questionnaire from the book.
- Summarize the story and add some nice drawings / comics
- Role play some chapters with your group.

(There are some more suggestions at the back of your books too)

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