Saturday, June 22, 2013


YES!   Here again,  It seems time flies!
We teachers and students are now celebrating all the hard work we have done as another school year comes to an end.

After months of Edmodo assignments, studying, reading, doing integrated tasks, written tests, homework , oral presentations, singing, dancing,  and speaking tests, most of you are looking forward to forgetting about your school books and are obviously excited about your summer holidays ahead.

For all that , I think we all need some relax, so ...

BUT.... summer and reading have gone hand in hand, for me at least, as long as I can remember. For this reason , no more compulsory reading, but just reading for the pleasure of it. Besides, there are a wide range of benefits gained from reading for pleasure: It increases a sense of achievement, confidence and self-steem. It encourages your imagination. It prevents boredom. And you can do it anywhere.

 Find out here how to be a better reader and the importance of reading when learning a language. 

 And now click on these pictures and enjoy.


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