Sunday, March 1, 2015


Welsh people celebrate their National Day on the first of March amd this is the Day of Saint David , their Patron Saint.

As a university student and later on I used to go on holiday to Mumbles, quite near Swansea, in Southern Wales .That is why I will always have fond memories of wonderful sandy beaches and  Norman castles (as you can see in some of my pictures).Not to mention the excellent people I have found in this part of the world, in fact some of my relatives and best friends live there.

To find out  more about this lovely part of UK take a look around this site. Explore the brand new interactive map to see how Wales connects with the rest of the world in 2015, get inspired to try some traditional Welsh recipes and so much more!


  1. I have just nominated your awesome blog to the Black Wolf Blogger Award. CONGRATS! You really deserve it for the great job you do! :-)

    1. Hey, great news, guys!
      I have just been nominated to the Black Wolf Blogger Award by my fellow blogger Esther Martinez A huge thank you for including my blog in your list. I am beyond flattered. It means so much to me when someone somewhere out there finds what I do worthy of recognition.

      The Black Wolf Blogger Award is an award given to bloggers by other bloggers in the blogosphere.
      As with other similar awards, there are some rules to be followed, namely:

      1. Thanking publicly the blogger who nominated you, which I have just done.
      2. Answering 5 questions about yourself.

      1. Which was the first book you have read?
      El Lazarillo de Tormes

      2. Why do you blog?
      Because I find it:
      Motivating and encouraging

      3. What inspires you?
      My students.

      4. Do you write what you live or live what you write?

      5. Who/What has been/is your great love?
      My family and teaching. (in that order)

      3. Nominating 15 other awesome bloggers.

      My nominees are:

      1. Stop & Learn English
      2. English for you, Rosa's Blog
      3. English is all Around
      4. Elisa's English Hotchpotch
      5. In Plain English
      6. Tino Grandío Bilingual Sections
      7. English Teacher Margarita
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      14. My English Blog Esther EOI
      15. My English scrapbook
      Difficult task it was to choose just 15 blogs from the huge amount of good bloggers I follow and learn from!

      4. Letting them know they are nominated and invite them to accept the deserved award.

      Over and done with!
      Thank you all!

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